If practiced well, Stoicism can help you get rich and stay rich.

I’m only half-joking.

Stoicism is a school of Philosophy that originated in Athens in 300BC and endured for five centuries. It emphasized the importance of living a virtuous, rational, and disciplined life.

Although Stoicism isn’t mainstream anymore, a large number of successful people swear by it.

Besides, Stoic quotes are currently the rage on Instagram.

In my quest to explain 500 years of Stoic philosophy in 500 words, I will focus on four values that the Stoics emphasized.

1. Strive to be virtuous despite life’s obstacles

Vipassana is like life. 80% good, 20% bad.

If you focus on the 20%, you’ll ruin the 80%.

What is Vipassana?

Vipassana (pronounced Vi-pash-na) is a meditation technique that was taught by Gautam Buddha. A 10 day Vipassana retreat is an intense program where you are given the opportunity to learn and practice the meditation technique for about 11 hours a day. You are completely disconnected from the outside world and technology. You aren’t allowed to speak or make eye contact with your fellow retreat goers. You aren’t allowed to read or write. Oh, and also — you aren’t allowed to eat dinner.

Louis Pereira

Curious human.

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